julietofspades (julietofspades) wrote,

{a panopoly of song}

the girl, juliet, is back on livejournal. the girl would apologise for her incredibly prolonged absence if it weren't for excellent reasons and such.

new tumblr - {lazylittleada}.

i've fallen quite out of touch with the internet worlds, so have five facts about my current existence to get you started:
* ada or ardor by nabokov has started me on an even more earnest incest kick than i'd formerly possessed.
* the new decemberists album - tres magnifique
* i have perfected the art of - making not drinking - white russians. i am a conquering queen.
* i am training to become a nun.
* i believe the new doctor who season will lift my heart into a state of perpetual song.

now: YOU.
Tags: the girl: emerges
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