there are many names in history;

but none of them are ours.

rpf: heavy in your arms.
heavy in your arms.
melanie laurent/marion cotillard. this if for petitesmorts. Marion’s calls will go unanswered. She is not a patient woman, Melanie. 683 words.

i was a heavy heart to carry.Collapse )

fanfic: they're all dead hearts.
they're all dead hearts.
doctor who.
amy/eleven. pg. new york, new york. Amy's got a gun and the Doctor will make you an offer you can't refuse.

fanfic: we both go down together.
we both go down together.

his dark materials.
asriel/mrs. coulter. spoilers for the whole series. pg. There something serious about this, the hotel room, the wine, how softly she is speaking. title from the song by the decemberists.

the world is still theirs for the taking.Collapse )

fanfic: the old romantics.
[film] vaction's over.
the old romantics.

iron man.
"i thought superheroes were supposed to save the world." pepper comes to the rescue. again. tony/pepper. r. 1550 words.

tony's a nightmare to live withCollapse )

original fiction: we are waiting on a telegram.
we are waiting for telegram (to give us news on the war)
original fiction.
r. By all right, Scott and I shouldn't have gotten along. (I met Scott’s sister that year. Maybe that’s the real story.) 2111 words.

they stabbed and drowned me, those kids. stabbed and drowned.Collapse )

fanfic: your old dead jokes.
your old dead jokes.
house/cuddy. drabble. 194 words. "You need to stop worrying so much."

they are sitting in a waiting room.Collapse )
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original fiction: juliet, the dice was loaded from the start.
juliet, the dice was loaded from the start.
original fiction. r. We lived eleven lifetimes together, Grady and I. This was just the first one. 856 words.

we were only two of us from the beginning.Collapse )


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